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Mobilizing heavy equipment does not fit the standard modes of shipping cargo. Breakbulk shipping is more time-intensive, and more logistically demanding because each piece must be loaded and unloaded individually.

Crushed Stone Bulk Delivery

Coordination of special lifting equipment is almost always required. BREAKBULK Ocean Transport was created specifically to do the heavy lifting for you.

Heavy Hauling


Shipping over-sized, over-weight items is not a problem when you count with right shipper.

BREAKBULK Ocean Transport can be an affordable way to ship large cargo without having to dismantled the item in order to ship. The ability to ship in one piece can save you time and effort having your heavy equipment ready upon arrival.

New York Sea Port
Loading Cargo

About BREAKBULK Ocean Transport

Ocean Transport is a fully licensed & bonded company that operates in compliance with the laws and regulations of the United States Federal Maritime Commission under license FMC #: 024483NF. 

Founded in 2012, Ocean Transport exists to push the boundaries in the space of logistics and mobilization of luxury yachts, boats, and all things logistics all around the world.​



Port of Palm Beach

301 Broadway, Suite # 4

Riviera Beach, FL 33404

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